Tradition in Wing Chun

It would be true to say that the Ridings Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy is both a Western based and relatively modern organisation. However, it would be equally true to say that to it's very core, the RWCA is fully committed to the traditions that are found steeped in the history of Wing Chun. This can be found reflected in the way the classes are run and the teaching is organised.

Classes are run very much run in the informal Chinese tradition, in that they are friendly, fun and focussed on learning. However, a natural order is imposed in the classroom through adherence to all of the Wing Chun principles whilst training and through mutual respect of others and observation of their skills. Respect for the Sifu is given freely because of his teaching, his example, his character and his unfailing willingness to answer or demonstrate his answer to any and every question a student can bring.

A student's path through the journey that is Wing Chun training is organised far more rigidly however, with a comprehensive syllabus covering the entire system and an ascending grading order denoted by the colour of sash worn around the waist, The sashes worn follow Chinese Gung Fu tradition also, with the colours of grade representing a red sash that grows progressively dirtier with age, wear and tear. Thus, the Wing Chun student must work through a total of ten gradings to get to instructor level; four red, three green, two brown and then finally, one black.

Grades beyond instructor level are denoted by gold tags and bars to represent years spent teaching. Responsibility to maintain skills and progress fall with each individual, but that is the case from the moment a student first enters any class, so instructors should be more than aware by this time that they cannot afford to rest on any laurels, not with the unforgiving eye of students on them every week...

There is a dress code and uniform but it comprises only of academy t-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers. No bare feet here, as we train in the hope that you will never get caught out in a fight barefoot. Practicality is a tradition that comes arm in arm with all Wing Chun teaching.

So, in summary, The Ridings Wing Chun Academy attempts to uphold the traditions of Wing Chun in the way the classes are run, the manner in which all students regard each other, the design of the gradings and uniform as well as how the teaching of the art is organised.