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Hello and welcome to the website of the Ridings Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy. With classes in Leeds and York we hope you'll have the opportunity to come and train with us and learn more about the deadly, efficient and useful art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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Happy 2009!

Another year has flown past for the academy! Time flies when you're training hard and having fun.

More updates to come - in the meantime why not make a new year's resolution to start learning an effective and simple martial art?
Posted 2nd January 2009

NEW! Maps to all classes

We've just added times, locations and maps to the "classes" page (linked to the right) so you can see exactly when and where we teach.

Of course if you have any other questions please feel free to fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
Posted 23rd September 2007

Government considers outright ban on swords

You may have read or heard recently that the Government are trying to ban swords, including the Japanese Katana and our own beloved Baat Jam Dao (Eight Cutting Broadswords)!

This is a knee-jerk reaction to the bad press that the katana swords have received in the last year. Not everyone who owns or uses a katana is a hooligan, thug, villain or homicidal maniac, the majority of these swords are owned by collectors or more importantly serious martial artists.

If the Katana and other Oriental swords are banned then we will see the end of a number of very traditional martial arts in the UK.

Sign the petition and try and get the Government to rethink their plans, maybe licence them, restrict sales to specific outlets. But is a total ban really the answer?


This is the official government petition and has a dedline of May 15th.
Posted 2nd March 2007

Welcome to the RWCA Website!

Hello, and welcome to the brand new website of the Ridings Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.

It's exciting times at the Academy, a new year brings with it an influx of keen new students, all no doubt making new year's resolutions to train!

If you've considered learning a martial art, why not come down to a class and see what we do? All our classes are fun and friendly and suitable for almost everyone!

For more information, click the links on the right to learn about the ancient art of Wing Chun, and how we teach it.
Posted 11th January 2007

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