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Hello and welcome to the website of the Ridings Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy. With classes in Leeds and York we hope you'll have the opportunity to come and train with us and learn more about the deadly, efficient and useful art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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Please can i ask that you include your correct email address in the message/query text. Recently i have been unable to reply to queries because the address has not been correct and keeps being sent back to me as 'failed'. If you have sent a query recently and not received a reply, yours may be one of the ones with incorrect email info. Please would you send the message again and include your direct email and i will reply asap.
Sifu Tony.
Posted 15th January 2012


Hope you had a relaxing and fun break! But sorry people thats it for while! Time to get back to the grindstone. So hope to see you all back with a renewed and refreshed spirit and ready for a fantastic year. Simo has the Diary Dates so you can make a note of the events and make sure you have the availability to get to as many events as you can. Also a reminder that Membership renewals are due too. If you haven't joined us yet or are still sitting on the fence about whether to come or not, please feel free to come down to any of the classes and have a look at what we do, and have a chat with the instructor and some of the students already training. We are a friendly lot and happy to explain anything you have questions about. Not all Martial Arts suit everyone's taste, but you'll never know if our's does unless you come along to see for yourself. We have plenty of training events going on throughout the year so lots of opportunities for everyone.
So welcome to 2012! Looking forward to a fun filled busy year ahead....again!! Sifu Tony.

Ps the Christmas Party and Awards photo's will be on soon so keep popping back to check and have a look at them.
Posted 8th January 2012


Well it's that time of year again folks. What a fabulous party last night! Our xmas bash is always a great event but this one has to be one of the best ever. (photo's to follow!) Everyone has worked so hard this year, and the grades showed all that work. Well Done to everyone who passed and a special mention to Phill Noon and Neil Ellis who both successfully passed their Black grades Congratulations guys. Big thanks to Sifu Alex King for putting in all his energy into making sure you both had the knowledge as well as the physical understanding to pass. You are a credit to him. Well Done. The new Year is looking as busy as ever, and with new classes and changes all round it really promises to be a fantastic year. Thank you to everyone who has shared the last years ups and downs and still come out fighting, and a special thanks to all my Sifu's for your ongoing tireless efforts in training our up and coming students to the highest standards. I'm very proud of you all. Thank You. Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing festive season, Sifu.
Posted 4th December 2011


As of the end of August i have taken over the running of the Leeds class. It's a little small in numbers so if you fancy popping along and having a look at what we do here you wont be surrounded by loads of high graded students making things look really complicated! Please feel free to just come along to watch or have a chat about what we do. Class is on Monday nights at 7.30pm cost 6 if you want to join in straight away. We welcome all beginners male and female, as long as your'e over 16. Go on ..... why not give yourself something new to do now the darker nights are drawing in, learning our self defence in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Further details for this, and all our classes, can be found on our 'classes' page. Sifu Tony (chief instructor)
Posted 26th October 2011


This is the launch date of our newest class to open. It is at Southlands Methodist Church, Bishopthorpe Road, York Yo23 1nx. 7pm - 8.30pm. If you are thinking of joining us, please do come along. We take new students all year round, but what a great opportunity to start at a new class! This will be a great opportunity for exisiting students too. An extra nights training! If you would like further info or would like to have a chat with Sifu Mark Bednarski who is running the class, his details are on the 'classes' page.
Posted 8th September 2011

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